As a seasoned entrepreneur, certified professional coach, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker I help change-agents flourish.

Harnessing my 24-years of broad-based experience (in the public and private sectors and as an entrepreneur), I’m highly sought after as an executive and business coach, a speaker, a workshop designer and facilitator.

I focuses my passions, which include: brain-based coaching, strengths-based leadership and positive psychology to create lasting change in organizations. I design and facilitate inspiring and actionable keynotes and experiential workshops through a unique combination of engaging human centered design, storytelling and innovative learning and development practices.

I’m a part-time Faculty Member at her alma mater, the University of Toronto, in their Continuing Education Department (The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education).

I love helping my clients discover and leverage their inherent strengths as much as I love watching their leadership, engagement, productivity and innovation capabilities soar.

The Backstory:

The 13 years I spent at Johnson and Johnson Inc. was the ideal training ground for the work I do now. I’ve had a thorough education in managing the overwhelm and the stress of having to do more, with significantly fewer resources. I learned that the best way to work with people was to understand how they uniquely saw the world. I discovered how to deal with setbacks and transitions through numerous corporate reorganizations, one major merger and working with nine different bosses.

At the end of that chapter, I left my 6-figure career and took door “B” (a downsizing package). At the time I had no idea where I was headed. After a bit of time off, I grabbed a marker and some sticky-notes and the latest edition of What Color is Your Parachute and trusted that I would find my way. And I have. In the 6 years since I left my corporate life, I’ve launched two successful companies – both successful on my own terms.

In 2007, I launched an experiential learning and development company. I saw a huge need to bridge the cavernous gap between “workshop” and “real life back at the office”. I design and facilitate inspiring and actionable keynotes and experiential workshops through my unique combination of engaging human centered design and storytelling.

In 2011, I launched my professional coaching practice and now I do what I love most, teach, coach and speak.

I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my marathon-running, nature-loving and saxophone-playing husband Steve.

When I’m not coaching and speaking, I can be found at a local farmers’ markets, cooking, practicing yoga, camping and kayaking.

Why Work with Me?

I have a knack for knowing how people tick. From neuroscience we know that the adult brain constantly changes (the technical term is called neuro-plasticity) based on our experiences and thoughts. My clients experience the remarkable impact of the key tools that guide my practice: brain-based coaching strength-based leadership and positive psychology.

I believe that human centered learning is critical to the personal and professional development the world needs. I am delighted to be a part-time Faculty member at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Continuing Education Department in their Certificate in Adult Training and Development program http://bit.ly/npsXRN.

I believe in lifelong learning. I am a member of the Canadian Society for Training Development (CSTD) http://www.cstd.ca/.

If you would like to learn more please take a look at my service offerings: http://thewayfindingcoach.com/work-with-me


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